Consequently, the third best occupation is to make sure that the music is played with the highest fidelity, in order that we can enjoy it, as created.

So please never forget that the real purpose of what you are trying to do with this bunch of jury-rigged and over-priced audio components is to recreate artistic peformances in a new time and place, with as much of the aesthetics of the original performance carried forward as possible, so that in the ultimate realisation of this technology the listener is regularly transported into the actual metaspace of the performance being reproduced!

Declaration of Purpose:
»Recreating the Sensation
of the Live Event«

AUDIO INTL’l is home to manufacturers* and their products, that are not only by specifications and performance being established as STATE OF THE ART, but also structural integrity assuring long life and trouble-free performance for decades makes them an investment. Several components represent the quintessential characteristic of its kind, being documented in the fact that they are being

produced for several decades nearly unchanged – like the AEC cartridges, ESS AMT speakers or electrostatics in our Soundlab series. Others could no longer be produced in the necessary quantities and as a consequence at the competitive prices as planned, but still are in perfect function, or are being renovated and considered CLASSICS by the Connoisseur. More on this in our product pages.

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